feeling that only naturally inspired and artfully installed hardscapes can provide. 

​I have spent years observing natural rock formations, and the ratios of layout and spacing of Japanese inspired rock work. This has helped me develop an innate sense of these principles. I bring these principles, the sourcing of materials, and years of hands on experience to create a Design for you.

I can take your project from design to finish grade. Including but not limited to contouring, drainage both above and below grade, dry or masonry stone walls, stone steps, stepping stones, patios and walks of stone brick or pavers, finishing with top soil and compost.

We are the premier installer of weathered boulders in Midcoast Maine.

                                                – Jon Smith

Erosion control Practices

We are proud to operate as a certified contractor of Best Management Practices.


welcome to Rockers Inc.

Many times throughout the past 30 plus years working with stone, I have heard many people say, “I love stone.” They can’t always tell you why, it’s just a feeling, and that’s all it has to be. 

​Stone such as weathered boulders, natural cleft steps and artfully built stone walls are the hardscape beginning of any beautiful landscape project. Using local stone adds to the feeling and grounds your home to the rugged Midcoast Maine.

Rockers developed over the years into a full scale quarrier, fabricator and installation firm. I made a decision in 2010 to return to the root of what had inspired me in the beginning: Working personally with customers or their agents, being involved onsite through out the 

entire installation project, and creating the